FIFA Soccer 98

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FIFA 98 : In this period of preparation for the 1998 World Cup, Electronic Arts decided to release the great game FIFA 98  once the selection of your national team completed, to cross the continental qualifications in order to win your ticket to the final phase of the World Cup. Qualifying is a tough step to go through if you do not opt ​​for a world top team and you will have to fight hard to get you to the final stage. The easy-to-use menu allows you to easily navigate between the international divisions and visualize the progress of qualifying for CAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA and others.

Each start of the match in FIFA 98 is accompanied by a short presentation video of the city according to the chosen stadium, decorated with the small Footix, the popular mascot of the World Cup 98. Once entered the stadium, presentation of the meeting and of the teams is realized by Jean-Luc Reichmann, before going to the two commentators of the match: the late Thierry Gilardi, and David Ginola. The comments are consistent, and well related to the action of the game, though somewhat repetitive in the long run. The modeling of the players remains somewhat brief, the physical and facial aspect changing very little between the different players; it will be difficult for you to distinguish between Zidane and Deschamps. The modeling of the stadiums is very well carried out, just like the animations of the crowd and the movement of the nets. The movements of the players are credible, without being revolutionary. The weather changes are very credible, the play ability varies depending on the humidity of the terrain. Snow is also available. The different axes of the camera proposed are playable and simple to set up.

The lifetime of the game is very honorable. Indeed, making a first complete world cup will already require you many

hours of play. With the enjoyment of play being present immediately, you will probably be tempted to start a new epic, with a less well-trained team, or from another continent . The addition to this version of the Championship mode gives it an undeniable advantage over the later versions of the FIFA World Cup games, which lack them. 11 Championships are offered to you, with full licenses for a total of 189 clubs. Also noteworthy is the ability to do indoor matches, which adds a lot of fun, especially to multiplayer games. This version of FIFA is also the first to integrate a complete publisher of players and teams.

As for play-ability, many improvements have been made in FIFA 98, such as acrobatic shots, jumps over tackles, roulette, and many others. The game offers three different difficulty modes, including the international mode that will be appreciated by hardcore gamers , the level being very high, even against small teams. The management of the stopped kicks is simple to take in hand, without allowing to mark too often. There will be some weaknesses in the referees, the tackles from behind being rarely sanctioned, and the sometimes erratic behavior of the goalkeepers. Do not be surprised to see a set back pass between the legs of your doorman. There are also some minor problems with AI, which will sometimes swing balloons forward without thinking when it is beaten. Once these details passed, the players are very easy to take in hand, and the game quickly becomes enjoyable. The configuration screen allows you to modify your strategy and style of play, by choosing the exact positions and the respective moods of each player. We also note the implementation in this version of the rule of the offside, finally correctly interpreted by the referees.

The Final Conclusion FIFA 98 :

  • Graphics (17/20)

    The game combines an excellent modeling of stadiums and very realistic game animations. Only facial modeling is slightly disappointing compared to the rest. In the end, the game remains graphically very convincing.

  • Play-ability (16/20)

    Players can perform many movements, and phase building is necessary to get to the opponent’s goal. We will regret some slight weaknesses of the goalkeepers

  • and the referees, the whole nevertheless being very coherent.

  • Service life (18/20)

    In a word: titanic. Between the championship mode and the creation of personalized players, the Road to World Cup 98 mode will take you many hours and will give you a lot of trouble. The very good management of the 3 levels of difficulties will allow you to progress at your own pace. The content offered by this FIFA 98 still remains unmatched in the series.

  • Soundtrack (19/20)

    The tracks of Blur, Electric Skychurch and The Crystal Method give an atmosphere of madness, well accompanied by the very credible comments of David Ginola and Thierry Gilardi. The atmosphere in the stadiums is also excellent. The whole is very well mounted, and confers the game a certain character.

Fifa 98: En route to the World Cup is a very coherent and devilishly addicting game, which remains at the moment a reference of the series for its many fans. It has an excellent ambiance, including sound, as well as unmatched content. It is no wonder that this game is a reference often quoted by the players of 20 years or more who, in a burst of nostalgia, then stand out their PlayStation to redo one of their favorite games.

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