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Are the any other methods to get free points and coins on Ultimate Team?

Well, there are quite a few. But most of them are just the regular ones. This means you will have to spend money and lots of time in order to get them. As you know the game itself offers some ways to do it. Reselling player on the transfer market, Squad Battles, Squad Building Challenges, Weekend League and some other methods on FIFA 19, but mostly they are very inefficient.

Transfer markt deals:

This was a very popular strategy on FIFA 13 and some other versions, but unfortunately since the FUT price range and also since many people are going to use “autobuyer”, which will automatically buy player with a low price, it is highly unlikely you will find a good deal on the transfer market. Some people would list great player like Messi, Ronaldo or some others under their normal value. You could easily buy those players then and list them with a higher price. As more coins you get as more profit you can have. Unfortunately this method is not working well anymore.

Squad Battles:

They are a pretty good way to earn some packs and coins, but of course its very time consuming. Five matches per day to get a high rank can be very annoying. Basically you have to play every day and spend minimum two hours to get a good ranking like Elite.

Squad Building Challenges:

For them you need a good amount of coins and player in order to start. At the beginning there are some easy once, but you won’t get good player out of there. Its much more likely you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of coins in order to succeed in the SBC.

Weekend League:

This one is by far the most time consuming method ever. You have to play 40 matches on a weekend if you want to be successful. This can really get annoying. Mostly only professionals are doing this.

FIFA 19 hack and coin generator:

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